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Part-time Maintenance Loan


Students should apply as soon as the application service opens to make sure their student finance is ready before the start of their course.

Online application

The quickest and easiest way to apply is online at

Students applying should follow these steps:

  • create an account if they don’t already have one
  • log into their student finance account and submit their application
  • send us any evidence we’ve asked for

When they register they’ll be given a unique Customer Reference Number and be asked to create a password and secret answer.

The first time they apply they’ll be asked for proof of their identity. They can do this by giving us their valid UK passport details on their application. If they don’t have a UK passport, they might have to send us evidence such as a non-UK passport or their UK birth or adoption certificate.

If they want to apply for student finance that depends on their household income, we’ll ask their parents or partner for their National Insurance number and their personal income details.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will check this information matches their records.

We may contact their parents or partner to ask for evidence of:

  • their income – if the details they give is don’t match HMRC’s records
  • their marital status – if they are separated or divorced

The student’s parents or partner will be asked for financial details every year their child applies for student finance.

Downloadable application form

If a student can’t apply online, they can download a paper application form at

Students should be advised to download the application notes with the application form as they contain helpful information which will prevent them missing out any necessary information or evidence which will delay their application.

Missing information or evidence

If we don’t have all the information or evidence we need we’ll contact the student to remind them to provide this as soon as they can. We won’t make any payments to them until we have all the information and evidence we need.

Students can check for outstanding information or actions by logging into their online account