Funding Information Services, Account Managers

The FIS Account Managers are the SLC experts for student finance IAG, and work with careers advisors, outreach and recruitment staff, and other IAG professionals to incorporate student finance into further, higher and postgraduate, delivering Matrix Standard accredited student funding information and support.

The team publish a monthly bulletin highlighting current news, updates and hot topics from across the sector.


What we do

We provide face-to-face training which includes student finance briefings and updates to institutions, networks and groups, and referrals to our suite of online resources and supporting materials.


Our reference leaflet collects some of our key resources, for each step of the student finance journey. Available for you to download and print.

Download Student Finance Resources, from Research to Repay (PDF - 1.6MB).


We strive to ensure accuracy, confidence and consistency across the education sector.

We also provide the latest information on future policy developments, eligibility and entitlement guidance and all aspects of the end-to-end journey, from application through payment to repayment.

We’ll work with you to:

  • give accurate advice
  • support marketing and recruitment activities
  • offer quality assurance on partner resources
  • act as a point of contact for queries about student finance products and services

Our goal is to enable you to help students and learners to make informed decisions about the funding which is available.

What we cover

Guidance and information about student finance products and services offered by Student Finance England across:

  • further education
  • higher education
  • postgraduate education

Guidance and information about student finance products and services offered by Student Finance Wales across:

  • higher education
  • postgraduate education

Who can use our service?

Any professional partners involved in supporting prospective and/or current students and learners.

This can include staff in various roles within higher education and further education including:

  • Marketing
  • Outreach
  • Recruitment or Education Liaison
  • Widening Participation
  • Admissions
  • Welfare and Wellbeing services

We also work with careers advice teams and partner organisations such as local authorities, charities/ trusts, and teams who support children in care.

How to get in touch

Contact your regional Account Manager:


Stephen Jones

Account Manager for: North West England and North Wales.

Telephone: 07795 603 573



Sammie Hutchinson

Account Manager for: North East England, Yorkshire & Humberside and Cumbria & Lancashire.

Telephone: 07966 317 082



Ben Rutter

Account Manager for: North London and surrounding areas, East of England.

Telephone: 07554 458 871



Charmaine Valente

Account Manager for: South East England.

Telephone: 07774 281355



Ahmar Ehsan

Account Manager for: The Midlands.

Telephone: 07824 451 781



Stacey-May Fox

Account Manager for: South West England and South Wales.

Telephone:07815 602225



SFW Training Managers

The Training Managers are SLC experts in SF for students. Rhian and Elen work with schools and partners throughout Wales. They are fluent Welsh speakers and are happy to support schools, colleges and IAG organisations whether in English or Welsh language. If you have a requirement for a student facing funding information session, then please do get in touch.

Rhian Jones

Training Manager for East Wales

Rhian is based in the east of Wales but travels to the South and South East.

Mobile: 07796 440153



Elen Jones

Training Manager for West Wales

Elen is based in the West of Wales but travels to the South and South West.

Mobile: 07815 602492



Lesley McDowell

Account Manager for National Partners

If you are a national partner and would like to discuss working together, please contact the Funding Information Services Manager

Telephone: 07584 275 537



Please contact the team with general enquiries or if you are unsure which Account Manager works in your area.


Representatives from national organisations

If you represent a national organisation please contact SLC Partner Services, at