Full-time Travel Grants for students studying abroad or on a work placement

What's available

The amount of grant available to a student depends on their household income.

Any Travel Grant they can get will be reduced by £1 for each £8.73 of household income over £39,796.

They must pay the first £303 of their travel costs themselves.

Students studying abroad

Students can apply for:

  • up to 3 return journeys between their home and their university abroad during a full academic year abroad
  • necessary daily travel costs while abroad
  • necessary medical insurance, vaccinations and visas

Students who are single parents may be able to apply for their children’s travel costs.

They should use the most economic and practical form of travel, such as buying standard-class tickets instead of first-class tickets. We will consider claims where no standard economy seats were available or where an alternative ticket type couldn’t be avoided.

If they’ve bought an Economy Flex fare (not Plus) because they don’t know their return dates they should let us know when they send us their claim form.

Medical or dental students doing a clinical placement in the UK

Students can apply for travel costs between their home and the hospital or facility where they’re doing their placement.

How it's paid

Students pay the upfront costs of their travel and then submit a claim form for these costs

They must provide evidence to support their claims for travel expenses. They’ll only get paid their Travel Grant if they send us all the evidence we ask for.

The Travel Grant is paid directly into their bank account and they won’t have to wait until their next instalment of student finance to get their money.