Full-time Travel Grants for students studying abroad or on a work placement


Once a student applies for student finance, if they are eligible to apply for a Travel Grant, they will automatically be sent the correct forms to complete.

Students on a clinical placement in the UK must complete the Clinical Study Travel Expenses Form.


Students who are studying abroad must complete the Travel Abroad Expenses Form. We may need their university or college to complete the Course Abroad Form.


They can apply for the Travel Grant at any time during the academic year and there's no limit to how many forms students can submit.

They need to send evidence to support their claims for a Travel Grant. This must be photocopies of proof of payment, not just an itinerary or quote. Receipts in a foreign language may need to be translated at the student's own cost.


If the student needs additional forms these can be found at www.gov.uk/student-finance-forms.