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Full-time Maintenance Loan

Long Courses Loan

If a student’s course lasts longer than 30 weeks and three days in an academic year they might be able to get a Long Courses Loan to help towards their living costs.


The Long Courses Loan is part of the Maintenance Loan. To be eligible, the student must be able to get the extra Maintenance Loan that depends on their household income. We’ll assess whether they can get the Long Courses Loan when they apply for their main student finance.

The Long Courses Loan, plus any interest, has to be paid back but not until the student has finished or left their course and their income is over the repayment threshold.

How much can they get?

Students get a fixed amount per extra week, or part of a week, for up to 45 weeks of study. Students studying for 45 weeks or more are assessed for the full 52 weeks. How much a student can get depends on their household income and where they’re living while studying.


The following table shows the maximum weekly amount of Long Courses Loan available.

Student’s living arrangements

Maximum amount for each extra week – 2018/19 academic year

Maximum amount for each extra week – 2019/20 academic year

Living with parents



Studying in London and not living with parents



Studying outside London and not living with parents



Living and studying abroad



How it’s calculated

If the student’s household income is £39,796 or less, they’ll get the maximum amount of Long Courses Loan.


If their household income is more than £39,796, the amount they get will be reduced by £1 for every £8.73 over £39,796.


Gemma lives in student halls in Liverpool. Her family’s household income is £45,000 and her course lasts for 37 weeks.


  1. We work out how much Gemma’s household income is over the threshold - £45,000 – £39,796 = £5,204
  2. Then calculate out the household contribution - £5,204 / 8.73 = £596
  3. We then work out the total amount of potential Long Courses Loan. To do this, we multiply the weekly rate (£90 because Gemma is living outside London and not with her parents) by the number of extra weeks Gemma is studying - £90 x 7 = £630
  4. Finally we work out the actual amount of Long Courses Loan - £630 - £596 = £34

So Gemma would get £34 for each extra week. This is paid at the same time as the Maintenance Loan in three instalments throughout the year.