Full-time Childcare Grant


Students applying for Childcare Grant from 2019/20 onwards

Students starting their course from 1 August 2019 onwards can apply for Childcare Grant online as part of their main student finance application. They'll have to submit some evidence. They'll be told what evidence is needed when they apply.

Paper application forms will still be available if:

  • they've already applied for student finance but still need to apply for CCG, or
  • they want to apply for CCG for another child.

Download Application form for Dependants' Grants for 2021/22 academic year

Download Application form for Dependants' Grants for 2020/21 academic year

What happens next

If the student's application is approved, they'll receive an email from the Childcare Grant Payment Service. This email will direct the student to set up an account with them where they'll be able to pay their childcare provider directly. The childcare provider will also need to set up an account with the Childcare Grant Payment Service in order to receive payments.


Students will need to submit the following evidence to support their application:

  • evidence of their child’s identity, such as a birth certificate or adoption certificate
  • evidence that their child depends on them, such as a tax credit award notice or Child Benefit letter

Students can submit a digital copy of their evidence through their online account.

How is Childcare Grant paid?

    1. The childcare provider sends an invoice to the student through their Childcare Grant Payment Service account.
    2. The student will review the invoice online, they can discuss any updates that need to be made with their childcare provider.
    3. The student approves the invoice online.
    4. The funds are paid by the Childcare Grant Payment Service to the childcare provider.