Full-time Adult Dependants’ Grant


Students applying for Adults Dependants’ Grant should follow these steps:

  1. Apply for student finance as normal and fill in the section for Adult Dependants’ Grant.
  2. We'll assess their application and contact them if we need more information.
  3. We'll send them a letter telling them how much student finance they can get, including any Adult Dependants’ Grant.

Paper application forms will still be available if they've already applied for student finance but still need to apply for Adult Dependants’ Grant.

Download Application form for Dependants' Grants for 2024/25 academic year

Download Application form for Dependants' Grants for 2023/24 academic year




If the student is applying for Adult Dependants’ Grant for their partner, we won’t need any additional evidence, as their partner will already be giving us their financial details as part of the application process.

If the adult dependant isn’t the student’s partner, we'll ask them for evidence of their taxable income for the previous tax year, such as a P60 or month 12 payslip.


Change of circumstances

A student's circumstances may change after they've applied for Adult Dependants' Grant such as splitting up with a partner who is their adult dependant. If the student's circumstances change they should contact Student Finance England to let us know as soon as possible. If we're not told about the student's change of circumstances, they might be overpaid. The student would be asked to repay the overpaid funding before they are earning above the repayment threshold.