Postgraduate Doctoral Loan


Applications for 2023 to 2024 are now open.

Students only need to apply once for the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan as the application and funding is for the duration of their course. If they’re studying over three or more academic years, they’ll get a letter each year confirming their payments for the upcoming academic year.

Online application

The quickest way for a student to apply for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan is online at

If they’ve applied for student finance from us in the past, they should use their existing login information.

When they register they’ll be given a unique Customer Reference Number and be asked to create a password and secret answer.

The first time they apply they’ll be asked for proof of their identity. They can do this by giving us their valid UK passport details on their application. If they don’t have a UK passport, they might have to send us evidence, such as a non-UK passport or their UK birth or adoption certificate.

Paper application form

If they can’t apply online, they should download a paper application form at

They should download the application notes with the application form to prevent any missing information or evidence delaying their application.

When to apply

They should apply as soon as possible, so that we’ve got plenty of time to review their application. We’ll contact them if we need any further information or evidence.

Missing information or evidence

If they apply without giving us all the information we need, we’ll write to them to remind them to send us this as soon as they can. We won’t make any payments to them until we have all the information and evidence we need.

They can check if there is any outstanding information by logging into their online account.

Application deadline

Students should apply for finance as soon as possible once applications are open. They must apply no more than nine months after the first day of the last academic year of their course.

The maximum loan available is £28,673 however this is capped at £12,167 per year and their funding can’t be backdated, so if the student waits to apply for funding in their second year, they won’t be able to claim retrospectively for their first year.

Additional forms

In some cases, they may have to complete additional forms to give further information about their application or personal details. These can be found at