Postgraduate Disabled Students' Allowance


Application Process


Step 1 – They apply

Students should log into their online account and apply for student finance. They’ll then be asked if they want to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). At the end of the application they can download the DSA application form. All students will be asked to send evidence of their disability with their completed application form.


Step 2 – We review their application

We’ll review the application and supporting evidence. It can take at least 14 weeks to process an application so they should apply as soon as possible to make sure they get their money in time for the start of their course. If required we'll tell the student to book and attend a Study Needs Assessment.

They shouldn’t book a Study Needs Assessment until we’ve told them too.


Step 3 – We receive a report

After their assessment we’ll receive a report detailing the student’s needs and the assessment centre’s recommendations.

If we’ve asked them to attend an assessment and we don’t receive a report we’ll contact the student as a reminder. They won't receive DSA unless they attend.


Step 4 – We review the report

We’ll contact the student, the needs assessor and, if the student has given their consent, the disability advisor to let them know if funding has been approved.


Step 5 – They arrange support

Based on their requirements and approved funding, the student should order their equipment, arrange non-medical help and makes any purchases they need to help with their course.

They shouldn't buy any equipment until their funding is confirmed because we can’t reimburse any purchases before the date their entitlement letter is sent.


Step 6 – We’ll make payment

Suppliers should invoice Student Finance England directly. The student can submit receipts to us for reimbursement of costs covered by their allowance. There’s more information about this included in their entitlement letter.


Continuing into next year

Postgraduate students need to reapply for DSA each year.


Changes of circumstances

Students should discuss any changes to their circumstances with their disability advisor as changes may affect what they can get. If they need to, they should contact Student Finance England for help.