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This post first published: 23 May 2017

Welcome to the updated Student Finance England for Practitioners

We've worked hard to ensure that you'll be able to find all the information you need in the updated site. This has resulted in changes to the structure from the old site including the removal of some pages, such as 'DSA updates for practitioners' and as such we strongly recommend that you replace any of your old bookmarks with a new one to our updated home page.

Where to find DSA updates now

You'll be able to view all Disabled Students' Allowances related news and updates through our Exchange blog, including information held on the original 'DSA updates for practitioners' page.

Exchange is the best place to find the latest information about all our products and services, including Disabled Students' Allowances.

Finding the information you need on Exchange

Articles, or posts, can be filtered using the tags listed in the blog navigation. Blog posts relevant to Disabled Students' Allowances will be linked to the tags 'Disabled Students' Allowances' and 'DSAs' - selecting either of these options will filter the view down to show all available blogs relating to DSAs.

Looking for information about processing timescales?

We'll continue publish processing updates on a weekly basis, normally at the beginning of each week. These will be available in the Updates section of the homepage, when we first post them, and also permanently within Exchange.

Have your say!

We'll continue to make improvements based on user testing and your feedback. And we'll be inviting feedback soon through our launch survey, so please let us know what you think of the improvements we've made and any suggestions you have for the future. Thanks!

Popular links

We've included links to blog posts based on some of the more popular news items from the original DSA updates for practitioners' page below. These should help while you get to know your new site.

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