Disabled Students' Allowances Processing Update January 2024

Student Finance England

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This post first published: 01 February 2024

Updated timescales for week commencing 29 January2024

We've updated our estimated timescales for our key Disabled Students' Allowances work streams and attached the information below.

Workstream area Oldest date Current turnaround time
DSA1 Application Forms 19/01/2024 7 days
Needs Assessment Reports 04/01/2024 18 days
Supplier Invoices 09/01/2024 14 days
Student Claims 10/01/2024 11 days
Emails (students) 12/01/2024 12 days
Emails (suppliers) 22/01/2024 5 days
Emails (HEIs) 15/01/2024 10 days
Emails (NAC11s) 12/01/2024 11 days