Introducing the Lifelong Learning Entitlement (LLE)

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This post first published: 22 February 2024

Students starting a new course or module from January 2026 will apply for the Lifelong Learning Entitlement (LLE).


The LLE will allow them to develop new skills and gain new qualifications when the time is right for them. This could be a full or part time degree, modular study or other courses like Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs).


 During study they'll have 2 main costs:

  • tuition fees
  • living costs


Tuition Fees

They can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to help cover costs of their course. This will be paid directly to the HEP.


This can be used to pay for:

  • most full courses from level 4 to 6 – this includes undergraduate degrees, and Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs)
  • individual or groups of modules from technical level 4 to 5 qualifications
  • postgraduate certificates in education (PGCE)
  • postgraduate healthcare courses
  • integrated master’s degrees (a 4-year programme which awards a master’s degree on top of a bachelor’s degree)


They could be eligible to apply for up to £37,000 throughout their learning journey. For most this would be the equivalent of 480 credits worth of study.


The Tuition Fee Loan can be used to a maximum of 180 credits in any 12-month period.


Living Costs

They can apply for a Maintenance Loan to help with their living costs. We'll use their household income, their course details and where they'll be living during the AY to calculate how much they can get.


They may be able to apply for extra support if they meet the criteria for:

  • Disabled Students’ Allowance
  • Childcare Grant
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance
  • Adult Dependants Grant


New Campaign Page

We now have information available for students thinking of starting a course or module from January 2026. We’ll be adding more information about the LLE throughout the year, including what’s available and who can get it.


Keep an eye on our LLE page for updates.