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Help your students get paid on time!

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Publication date: 02 September 2019

Students need to understand that they won’t get paid until they’ve registered at their university or college. This means they might need to cover their own initial costs.

This is why it’s important they follow our checklist to get their money as soon as possible. Encourage them to:


  1. Check their bank details are up to date.
  2. Provide us with any evidence we need.
  3. Register at uni or college.
  4. Check their student finance account for payment dates.


Students who haven’t got their money

Some students won’t get their money on the scheduled date if they applied late or have had problems with their application. You should encourage them to check their online account in case we’ve asked for more evidence from them.


Payments can take up to 3 working days to clear. If students still haven’t been paid after waiting this long they should contact their bank.

students should visit our dedicated payment page to find out more.


How you can help

We have created a bundle available for you to download. This pack includes:


  • slides which can be displayed on the TV screens in your university or college
  • an interactive button which you can host on your website linking students to our dedicated payment page
  • an animation and graphics which you can share on your social media channels
  • messaging to go along with animations and graphics on social posts


Ask SFE online

If your students have any questions about getting their first payment, they can get in touch by: