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Student Money Week 2019

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Publication date: 04 February 2019

From 11 February-15 February, here at Student Finance England we’ll be hosting our annual Student Money Week.

This year, we want to help students through their student finance journey with our survival guide.

We’re planning to host a series of live social media Q&As on Twitter and Facebook to inform and educate students and their parents on all things student finance.

Student finance is never a simple topic to cover, but each day we’ll focus on a different feature of student finance, from the basics to repayment. Students will also have the chance to ask our expert hosts questions on a range of university-related topics, making sure they have all the information they need.

How you can help

We want to tell as many students as possible! To help you spread the word, we’ve prepared the following free materials in our media pack:
• Ads - encourage your students to join us by sharing our ads on your website and social media pages.
• Button – a graphic that you can use on your own website to take students directly to the Student Money Week homepage.
• Poster - a poster you can print and display on your notice boards or at open days.
• Checklist - a handy checklist of all the sessions to give to students to download.

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