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Current Year Income assessment

Student Finance England

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Publication date: 20 February 2019

 CYI assessment has been reviewed and updated!

If a student’s household income has dropped by 15% or more since the prior tax year, their parents or partner can ask us to use their current income details when working out what they can get. They just need to complete a Current Year Income (CYI) form. Read our guide to find out how to do this and to download an application form. 

Completing the CYI assessment usually means that students can get more student finance. 


Making CYI assessment easier for customers

Our customers told us that the CYI application process was complicated. We’ve listened to their feedback and made the forms and letters associated with CYI as customer friendly, straightforward and clear as possible. 

We did this by working with our colleagues who interact with customers on a daily basis. They’re the first people to receive feedback on our processes. They were able to give us valuable feedback on common problems with the CYI process and the lack of awareness surrounding the process. This helped us improve our materials and letters associated with CYI and ensures the customer experience is a simple one.  


To help students and their parents or partner get through the process we’ve created an online guide to Current Year Income assessment.


How you can help

Make your students aware that we need their help so that we can continue to improve our processes in the future. They can give us feedback when they visit the guide.

You can help spread the news about our new and improved CYI process by sharing the guide across your social media!

Let’s get the word out there and help make sure your students get the student finance they’re entitled to!