Grant and Loan Overpayments


Student Finance England

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Publication date: 06 November 2017

When a student applies for student finance, the entitlement they’re assessed for is for the full academic year ahead. Payment is then made to the student in advance of each term to help with costs such as rent and living expenses.

However, if their circumstances change these changes can lead to a reassessment of their student finance. And if their entitlement to student finance is reduced, it can result in them being paid too much.


The overpaid amount is known as an overpayment.


Changes in a student's circumstance that can often result in grant and loan overpayment are:

  • taking a break in their studies
  • leaving their course
  • changing their course or place of study
  • a change in their household's income


Students can find more information in our online guide to Grant and Loan Overpayments.