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Student finance for EU students

Student finance for EU students


Film description: Find out what student finance is available for EU students and how they apply.


EU students studying in England can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £9,250 to cover the fees charged by their university or college. They must have lived in the European Economic Area or Switzerland for at least three years before the start of their course.


Students have to repay the loan, but not until they’ve finished or left their course and their income is over a certain amount. Then the amount they’ll repay each month will be based on their income, not how much they borrow.


If the student moves outside the UK after they finish their course, they must let us know. The amount they have to earn before they start to repay might be different depending on which country they choose to live in.


Interest is charged from the day we make the first payment until the loan is paid back in full or cancelled.


Students should apply as early as possible once the application service opens to get their money in time for the start of their course.


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