Film description: Phishing is the attempt to access sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and finance details. Watch our video which explains what precautions to take and how to stay safe online.


On screen: What is phishing?


Phishing is any activity designed to trick you in to giving out your personal details.


Fraudsters can then use this information to log in to your online account, steal information and potentially your money.


Be aware that phishing scams can happen at any time, but students are often targeted around payment dates at the start of term.


Phishing emails and texts are often sent out in bulk.


They seem official, but if you look closely – you’ll often find they‘re unlikely to contain your first and last name.


On screen: an animation showing an example of a phishing email that is addressed as 'Dear Student'.


Another tell tale sign of a phishing communication is poor spelling, punctuation and grammar!


The Student Loans Company will never ask you to confirm your bank details or login information by email.


On screen: We will never ask you to confirm bank details or login information.


Always ensure that you’re using a secure website (on screen: 'https:// = secure site') when submitting sensitive information online and don’t post personal info on social media pages. (On screen: a picture of a padlock next to the URL address appears 'padlock = secure site').


If possible, avoid logging in on public networks too.


Be suspicious of any urgent requests for personal or financial information.


If you believe you have received a phishing email, let us know by emailing