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Part-time Tuition Fee Loan

Course Grant

Students who started their course before 1 September 2012 can apply for a Course Grant to help with the costs of books, travel and other course-related costs. How much a student can get depends on their household income. It doesn’t have to be repaid.

Course Grants are only available to students studying an eligible:

  • undergraduate course
  • Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course
  • Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE)

What’s available

The following table shows how much a student can get based on their household income.

Household income Amount available
Less than £26,030 £288
£26,030 to £28,064 Course Grant of £288 less £1 for every £8.55 of your income over £26,030 (before tax)
£28,065 £50
More than £28,065 No grant

Course Grants are paid in one lump sum directly to the student.

How does a student apply?

Students should apply by downloading and completing an application form at