Full-time Disabled Students' Allowances

Non-Medical Helper Allowance

What is it?

This helps pay for the additional costs of a non-medical helper.

Non-medical help will be considered as part of their Study Needs Assessment and can only be supplied if the support is:

  • needed for study reasons
  • needed for disability reasons
  • not already provided by another source for example, from the university or college

What's the allowance for?

Non-medical helpers can assist with things such as:

  • training in disability software use
  • specialist study skills support
  • British Sign Language interpreting

What’s available?

Students can apply for a Non-Medical Helper Allowance of up to:

  • £22,603 in the 2019/20 academic year
  • £23,258 in the 2020/21 academic year

These amounts are the maximum allowance available per year of the student's course.


Friends or family of the student

We can’t consider requests for non-medical help to be provided by friends or family members of the student.

Making changes

If the number of hours they spend with a non-medical helper needs to increase the student should discuss this with their needs assessor.