Deadline approaching – 26 May 2017


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Publication date: 22 May 2017

The deadline is approaching! If you work with full-time undergraduate students who are starting university or college this year, please remind them that the deadline to apply for student finance is 26 May 2017.

Students who miss this deadline may not get all their money in time for the start of their course.

Remind them that they can apply now in three easy steps:

  1. Register online
    It’s quick and easy to apply online at
  2. Fill in their application
    They don’t need a confirmed place at uni or college. They can apply using their preferred choice of course and simply change the details online later if they need to.
  3. Print, sign and return their declaration form

We can’t pay them until they do! Before it’s sent to us, they should make sure they’ve signed their full name and used the current date – not their date of birth. Any mistakes could delay their application.

For more information

For everything students need to know about student finance, they should visit SFE’s student finance zone.

There’s also our range of supporting materials for you that give more information about what students can get, how they apply and what evidence they need to complete their application.

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