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Consent to Share and Power of Attorney processes

Calling us on a student’s behalf

Students may find it useful to let someone else call us on their behalf. However due to applicable data protection legislation in the UK we can’t share information about an account without the account owner’s (the student’s) consent. This includes the student’s parents, partners, legal representatives or anyone else.

Consent to Share

If a student wants us to share account information with a third party they need to either be present to give confirmation over the phone each time the third party calls or set up “Consent to Share” for that third party.

Consent to Share is written or verbal authorisation which lets us discuss account specific information, except payment details, with a third party.

A student can have a maximum of two nominated third parties

Setting up Consent to Share

To set up Consent to Share a student must give us the following information:

  • the student’s Customer Reference Number, name and address
  • the full name of the third party
  • the full address, including postcode, of the third party
  • the full date of birth of the third party
  • their relationship to the third party
  • a password, which we will ask the third party to verify. This should not match the password that the student uses as part of their account login
  • a date specifying when the Consent to Share status should expire

If the third party is a person from a university, college or organisation we'll also ask the student to give the name of the university, college or organisation


A student can set up Consent to Share by calling Student Finance England or by writing to:

Student Loans Company Ltd
100 Bothwell Street
G2 7JD

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is an official legal document that allows a student to grant attorney to a third party allowing them to release or update information relating to the customer's account.

To grant a person Power of Attorney, the student needs to fill in a form providing, the third party's full name, the specific period for which the third party can act on the student's behalf, and the specific tasks that the third party can perform.

The person holding Power of Attorney will need to confirm their details before any information is released to them.

More information about Power of Attorney is available on GOV.UK or by calling Student Finance England.