Specific course designation

Who is responsible for designated courses

The Government publishes guidance which sets out information for alternative higher education providers on:

  • the specific course designation system
  • annual re-designation/monitoring
  • the criteria for granting designation
  • the assessment and decision making process
  • the conditions of specific course designation
  • how student number controls and sanctions will be applied

The latest version of the guidance can be found at

Administration of specific course designation registered providers

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) are responsible for the administration of specific course designation applications and the register of providers.

Further information can be found at


You can search the register of higher education providers at


Who to contact

For questions about the application process you should contact the Gateways team at HEFCE

Telephone: 0117 931 7317 (select option 2)

Email: coursedesignation@hefce.ac.uk