Part-time Disabled Students' Allowances

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Disabled Students' Allowances are additional funding to help students pay the extra essential costs they may have as a direct result of a disability, including a long-term health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia.

The support available to an eligible student will depend on their individual needs and not on their income.

Disabled Students’ Allowances do not have to be repaid. However if a student leaves a course early they’ll have to repay any funding they receive after their withdrawal date.

The information on these pages relates specifically to undergraduate part-time Disabled Students' Allowances. Information is also available for full-time undergraduate Disabled Students' Allowances and postgraduate Disabled Students' Allowances.

If a student’s application for Disabled Students’ Allowances is accepted, the allowances made available to them will be based on their individual requirements as determined during their Study Needs Assessment.

Eligible students may be able to get the following:

General Allowance - This is additional funding to help with everyday study costs that are related to a student’s disability, for example photocopying or printing materials.

Specialist Equipment Allowance - This helps with the costs associated with any equipment needed to undertake a course on an equal basis to other students.

Non-Medical Helpers Allowance - This helps with any costs for support workers such as British Sign Language interpreters or mobility trainers

Travel Allowance - This helps with any additional study-related travel costs related to a student’s disability