Advanced Learner Loan


Learners need to follow these steps:

Step 1

The learner should first speak to their learning provider to find out if they have a place on an appropriate course.

The learning provider should then give the learner a ‘Learning and Funding Information’ letter. They can’t apply for a loan without this.

We’ve created a downloadable template for the ‘Learning and Funding Information’ letter and a downloadable guide to help write this.

Download the template for the ‘Learning and Funding Information’ letter (PDF  - 213KB)

Download the 'Learning and Funding Information letter' writing guide (PDF - 253KB)

Step 2

The learner applies online using the student finance online application.

If they’ve applied for student finance from us before they can use the same login information. If not, they can create an account with us.

If the learner can’t apply online they can download an application form at

The application will ask for information about:

  • their personal details, National Insurance number and contact information
  • their nationality and residency
  • their course
  • how much they’d like to borrow

Step 3

If the form has been completed correctly and the learner is eligible for the loan -we’ll write to them to confirm, this usually this takes about 2 weeks if the learner applied online. Paper applications sent through the post can take longer.

The learner will be instructed to check the information on the letter to confirm the amounts and course details are correct. They must let us know immediately if anything is wrong or has changed since their application.

If we write to the learner requesting more information or evidence this should be submitted as soon as possible to avoid potential payment delays. Any additional supporting forms we may ask for can be found at